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Fr General’s Visit

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Birthday of Sch Richard (KAR)

Sch Vivian Richard celebrated his 23rd birthday in Asha Kiran on the 5th of December. The celebration was graced by his Parents visiting him. The day began with a Thanks-giving Eucharist. In the evening we had a shared prayer followed by the birthday celebration. Sch Nithin (KAR) raised a wonderful and ‘clean’ toast!.

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Community Days – 2011

One of the very interesting occasions of Asha Kiran Life is Community Day Celebration. This year the responsibility of doing it creatively was given to Jude (SRI) and Martin (KAR). The entire programme was very well planned and executed in a very nice way. Hats off to the organizers. Some of the programmes we had were Marathon, intellectual Games – Poetry, Quiz, Caption Writing and so on. The outdoor games – Basket ball and Cricket gave the Scholastics here a wonderful time to practice their Team Spirit. The entire 2-day festival ended with a Thanks-giving Eucharist.

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The Ignatian Science -Sch Pradeep


During the course of centuries even since before the time of Aristotle, new sciences have evolved and developed. There are not only general science, political science, moral science and con-science, but there is also a not-so-well-known but effectively active Science that has existed for about five hundred years and revolutionized the world. That is the very little known but well-utilized Ignatian Science. The term is derived from the name of its founder, St Ignatius of Loyola, who is also known as the Father of Ignatian Science.


Human beings are created to praise reverence and serve God our Lord, and by means of doing this to save their soul. The other things on the face of the earth are created to help the human beings, in the pursuit of the end for which they are created. The Principle of grace and love which the Holy Spirit inscribes deep within our hearts is the ultimate guide.


Many scholars, spiritual masters, philosophers and theologians, have given their own descriptions and definitions of Ignatian Science. We can consider a few of them here below:

Ignatian Science is the understanding of the views, ideals and teachings of St Ignatius.

Ignatian Science is the process of making one’s own the Principle and Foundation, and doing proper discernment with Holy Indifference, and finally undergoing a transformation to attain Love.

Ignatian Science is the process of evolution of a person into a contemplative in action as a result of his gratitude towards God Who has created him, is dwelling in him, is laboring in him, and is giving life and existence to him at all times.

All these are true of Ignatian Science but, none gives a complete and satisfactory definition that does full justice to it. In fact, almost all other modern sciences can be put under this Science, or have their origin in Ignatian Science. But no statement can fully define it.

  1. D. ORIGIN

During the Spanish battle against the French, the cannon hit our Scientist’s leg. The cannon had hit many. None asked why. Just like Newton, did Our Scientist! Our Scientist asked why. Many read the Life of Christ and the Lives of the Saints. None gave up the princess, but our scientist did! There was the turning point in the life of Our Scientist. There was the awakening of Ignatian Science. As days, months and years passed, and as he moved from Pamplona, Manresa, Montserrat, Jerusalem, London and Paris to Rome, the Science evolved.


Let us consider the different branches of Ignatian Science.

  1. a. The First Law of Ignatian Thermodynamics

The first Law of Ignatian Thermodynamics states that the Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. The Energy in the universe remains constant and permanent. All things come from that Energy; and everything goes back to that Energy [Sp Ex 23]. Fractions of The Energy exist in different forms and in different places. But The Energy remains the same. The magnitude of The Energy is infinity. [Sp Ex 234-237]

  1. b. Ignatian Spectroscopy

In Ignatian Spectroscopy, we humans are the substance. When the Microwave Radiation (a fraction of the same Energy) coming under certain range of wavelength falls on us, we absorb a fraction of The Energy and emit the complementary colours. Without the incidence of the Radiation, there is no interaction. No absorption. So no colour. (Note: The substance also has its origin in The Energy.)

  1. c. Nutrition

Food is an absolute requirement for our survival.  According to Ignatian Science, the Mass, Prayer and the Examen are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins [Const 261]. These are essential for the normal functioning of the body. When food is not taken regularly at proper times, the accumulated fat, the storage energy, is utilized. When the storage energy is declining, it can be restored by re-ingesting food at the right time and quantity; in other words, the decline is still a reversible process and restoration is still possible. But when the body is deprived of nutrition beyond the Critical Point, the process becomes irreversible and death is imminent. Hence, for the best functioning of the body, there is the need for the proper supply of the nutrition – proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins – at the proper time, at regular intervals.

  1. d. Survival of the fittest [Const Part II]

Only the best suited organisms in a given condition can survive and propagate. The variations that make an organism unfit are:

N  Adaptation only to certain conditions, and unable to be Indifferent

N  Cause for disorder

N  Resistance to changes and challenges

  1. e. Matter

The Electrons are present in all matters… and They are always in motion and at work. They are present in every bit of Their creation. They are present in matters in all states: solid, liquid and gas. Some call ‘The Electrons’, others call ‘The Trinity’ – who is present and dwelling in everything, is laboring in it and giving life to it. [Sp Ex 235-237]

  1. f. Embryology

Our Scientist discovered the DeciduateType of Placenta with respect to the Incarnation. In the Deciduate type of placenta, a little bit of the maternal tissue is lost during the time of childbirth. The foetus carries a part of the maternal tissue as it comes out of the uterus. Hence, our Scientist observed the Flesh of Our Mother being present in Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, who during the time of embryonic development was floating in Her blood and as He came out of womb, brought with Himself a part of Her tissue.

  1. Conclusion

This is an inexhaustible Science. Here we have seen it only through a window. We have enter into it and explore. There is a lot to discover. It is perhaps an unending process. But one must keep in mind that the ultimate aim of Ignatian Science is to find and love God in all things and all things in God… which itself is an ongoing process…(to be continued)

“Feast of Ignatius in my life”

I am a Jesuit for 50 years. I am proud to be a Jesuit. The flash of our Founder Father, St Ignatius is not only a grace-filled occasion but also a thrilling one for me. Why? Let me share my experiences. To begin with, if Ignatius had not founded the Society of Jesus, I would not have been the member of the Society of Jesus. In the scheme of things, God saw to it that Ignatius should undergo a conversion in life and found the Society of Jesus. God’s ways are really strange. Man proposes but God disposes. This proved very well in the life of our dear Father Ignatius. Same thing happens in our life, too.

I was studying at St Aloysius for seven years. I felt that God was calling me to become a priest. To join the Society was not my first choice. But finally I joined the Society and I have never regretted about that choice. For that, I have to be grateful to St Ignatius. He has taught me to cultivate a deep personal love for Christ my King through those Spiritual Exercises. Going through those Spiritual Exercises not only every year but also helping others to do them has helped me to grow in this love for Christ.

The discernment of spirits which St Ignatius not only lived in his life and also popularized, has helped me to guide my life in the Society in a sure and right path. I make use of this tool extensively in my life.

Not to be satisfied with the minimum but do everything with the spirit of Magis is another thing that has made my life worth living. This Magis spirit is never dormant but ever alive in every Jesuit. I cherish this and shape my life accordingly. I am really grateful to St Ignatius for giving this tool that always makes Jesuit life fruitful. God is in everything. He is the beginning and the end of every being. To walk with Him, to work with Him makes one’s life ever energizing and ever enervating. This is what Ignatius meant to find God in everything.

The spirituality that St Ignatius has offered us is world embracing.. this excludes every aspect of our life. God is working in and through Christ was uppermost in his God-experience. The same shapes my spirituality, too.

St Ignatius was a man of prayer. He grew in his prayer. That was why he was able to teach us to pray by offering different methods. In prayer we come to know who God is and who we are. This is the experience of every prayerful person. This legacy he left for every Jesuit. I am ever grateful to St Ignatius for this.

St Ignatius was a person of indifference and detachment. This helped him to grow in his relationship with God. In what way and in what we have to be indifferent and detached he has show us very clearly. A man who has this indifference and detachment experiences inner peace and joy. He is able to commit himself totally to the service of others for God’s greater glory.

Gift of St Ignatius to the Church and to us cannot be simply bypassed. It has to be cherished. That is what we do when we celebrate his feast. May St Ignatius look down upon us his sons, with love and say, “In you I am well pleased and I take delight in you.”

-Vittu Bondel

The Goan’s Birthday

The one and only goan in Asha Kiran celebrated his 22nd birthday on the 16 of July. His feeling then was of gratitude to the Almighty for showering blessing on him throughout the year. We had Fr Victor as the main celebrant. The toast was given by Sch Jeevan with a lot of homour and insights in it.

Dear Br Anderson, may God bless all your future endeavors

“Happy Birthday”

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